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A Special Thank You to our 2019 Festival of Trees Major Sponsors

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These are more than just mottos to the people of Liberty Place.

FREEDOM TO TRY... Many who have encountered a severe brain injury have been told that they will never do ______ again. That blank can be filled with anything from walking to eating without a feeding tube; or anything from working a job to studying for an exam. The human spirit thrives on hope and hope is the driving force behind determination and perseverance. When hope is crushed, failure to thrive quickly follows.

  • WE BELIEVE ~ in the innate desire of people to want to continue to improve their own lives.
  • WE BELIEVE~ there is dignity in risk; when we dare to risk failure in order to grow and accomplish..
  • WE BELIEVE~ that with proper support and encouragement, individuals with brain injuries CAN and DO continue to regain ground lost at the time of injury.


COURAGE TO SOAR...comes as we learn that little failures, if learned from, lead to great success.

  • WE BELIEVE ~ in giving only as much assistance as is needed for the person to accomplish the task which will lead to increasing independence.
  • WE BELIEVE ~ that individuals have the right to be as independent as possible in order to have autonomy.
  • WE BELIEVE ~ Dreams, Goals and Aspirations, combined with the Effort put forth to accomplish them are what defines a person; NOT their disabilities.

Freedom to Try

And Courage to Soar!

Our logo, a "Bird with a Broken Wing", demonstrates the spirit of determination behind "Freedom to Try"


Contact Us

Phone: (406) 287-3154
Mail: PO Box 446
Whitehall, MT 59759