Transportation Calendar

Hours of Operation

Whitehall Public Transportation Newest Bus "Clark" 

Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm
 Weekends / Evenings by appointment only.
 24 hour notice is appreciated.
 Weather conditions may impact service. It is advised to check with Dispatcher during adverse weather events.


Beginning July 1, 2011, Liberty Place Inc. became the lead agency for public transit service in the Whitehall area at the request of the Whitehall Senior Transportation which had been running the operation to that point. Whitehall Public Transportation (WPT) operates as a program under Liberty Place, Inc., a 501c3 corporation.

Whitehall Public Transportation remains the only provider of transit for the general public of the greater Whitehall area. The primary focus of this program is to provide transportation services first to those with disabilities or are elderly and then the general public.

Liberty Place alone serves over 20 individuals with disabilities and relies on transit to assist with getting people to needed services. WPT focuses first on medical and therapy appointments with trips for other basic life necessities such as nutrition, shopping, recreation/social, education and employment including Vocational Rehabilitation.

Donations and Memorials

Individuals or companies may make donations or memorials to Whitehall Public Transportation for operational expenses and capital outlay acquisitions.

Whitehall Public Transportation offers

  • Wheelchair lifts  
     Transportation Receives Pay-It-Forward
     Grant from Montana Rail Link
  • Safe and efficient transportation
  • Courteous service
  • Capable Drivers
  • Convenience
  • Curb to Curb Service

Our system is a demand and response system with a 24 hour reservation requirement offering transportation Monday through Friday 8am to 5:00pm. Weekend or evening appointments may be scheduled, depending upon driver availability. Whitehall Public Transportation will try to accommodate a client if they have forgotten to call or an unexpected medical appointment arises and a vehicle and driver are available.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

Statement of Non-Discrimination
 Whitehall  Public Transportation/Liberty Place, Inc. located in Whitehall, MT, Jefferson County, the
 Montana Department of Transportation and the State of Montana do not discriminate against an individual on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, age or familial status in the provision of public transportation and its services.

For more information on your Title VI civil rights or to file a complaint, please contact (406) 995-6287 or e-mail You may also file a complaint directly with the Montana Department of Transportation by calling (406) 444-6331, or by writing to them at the following address:

Montana Department of Transportation
 Civil Rights Bureau
 PO Box 201001
 Helena, MT 59620-1001


All of our drivers are trained in defensive driving, passenger assistance techniques, first aid and CPR.

Transportation Advisory Committee Meetings

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) serves as a special advisory panel which oversees the general operations of WPT and has the authority to make recommendations to the Liberty Place, Inc. governing Board of Directors. Meetings are held monthly at the Liberty Place, Inc. Activity Center and the public is welcome to attend. Committee members include the Jefferson County Commissioner, representatives from the elderly and disabilities community as well as interested people from the Whitehall area. Please call for dates and times of our upcoming meeting.

Thank you Jefferson Valley Community Foundation / Golden Sunlight Mine for supporting Whitehall Public Transportation:

On October 15, 2015, Whitehall Public Transportation received the Golden Sunlight Mine Fund grant award of $2500.00 from the Jefferson Valley Community Foundation, to be used as matching funds for a garage facility to house the transit vehicles.  WPT and Liberty Place, Inc. would like to thank the Jefferson Valley Community Foundation for their dedication to meeting this very real human need in our community.

Supporters of WPT:

Black Tie Blue Jeans Event Committee/Jefferson Valley Community Foundation

Whitehall Coffee Club

McGrew Machine & Fabrication (service donation)

Golden Sunlight Mine Fund/Jefferson Valley Community Foundation

Jefferson County

Whitehall Senior Center

Contact Us

Phone: (406) 287-3154
Mail: PO Box 446
Whitehall, MT 59759