Happy 4th of July!

Summer is finally here! I am excited for these longer days and warmer temperatures.  While I love being out in the sun, I have had to pay the price for not protecting myself.  Sunburns, heat exhaustion, not enough time in the day! So learn from my mistakes!

1. Stay hydrated! Water can be your best friend during these higher temperature days.

2. Wear sunscreen! I learned this one the hard way! Ouch!

3. Enjoy your time, whether it is on a lake with friends, or just a BBQ in the backyard with family.

If you start feeling as though you are dizzy, exhausted, excessively thirsty, take a minute, find some shade and get hydrated.  You don't want to miss out on the activities going around you because you weren't paying attention to your body's warning signs.

Better to be safe and having fun, than sorry and watching everyone else.