Liberty Place at Bootstrap Ranch 

The Gallatin Valley is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges. It is home to Montana State University and the famed Museum of the Rockies. Some of its residents include bald and golden eagles, bears, bobcats and abundant elk and deer. It is also the place of origin for Liberty Place. BOOTSTRAP RANCH lies north between Belgrade and Manhattan, MT. Originally designed and built by Ronald J. Woods to be a private high school for inner city kids needing a new start, it has now become the site for an expansion of service by Liberty Place for brain injury THRIVERS.

With a Continuum of Care mindset, this facility is geared more toward supported-living type services. It is structured for encouraging increasing degrees of independence. The “Ranch” itself offers the best of “Montana life” with its two streams and abundant wildlife. Yet, it is part of the greater Bozeman area, making available the things that are typically only found in more urban areas.

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