Bike Safety

Summer is here, finally!  That means it is time to dust off all of your outdoor equipment, and get ready to face the summer head on!  Although it is a great time to be out, bike safety is always important to remember, no matter what.  

Did you know that children ranging in ages from 5-14 are seen more in the hospital for bike related injuries, than any other reason?  We need to change this around!  By wearing a helmet, this can reduce the damage that might happen by 88%! It seems like a "no-brainer" (excuse the pun) to me!  

Even though you may think you are "old" enough to not have to wear a helmet, think about this, in 2010 nearly 515,000 trips were made to a medical facility with bike related injuries.  

So be smart! Wear a helmet when you are riding your bike, whether it be a pedal bike, motorcycle, ATV, anything you can think of, a helmet is always a smart choice.