Activities With a Purpose

Memory Books

A personal tool to be used like an external brain when needed, each binder is created by and for the clients of Liberty Place. Many people with brain injuries the world over have found this kind of book to be especially helpful in keeping life organized. It contains important information such as: medication taken, when, how much and for what purpose; phone numbers; a calendar to document important dates and appointments; goals and habilitation plan; a behavioral plan and a place to journal.

Brain Teasers

Studies have shown that puzzles and "brain games" stimulate cognitive health. Brain teasers are offered four (4) times a week. There is a theme or topic each week with a variety of puzzles, word games and mazes.

Way Of Life Lessons (W.O.L.L.):

This is a time for clients to re-learn or polish up on their life skills and to build self-esteem. W.O.L.L. is taught weekly at the Activity Center and the concepts are supported throughout the week in the home environment as well. During these sessions, participants learn to find the positive in themselves.  Current focus is toward "Hero's Journey". The information in Hero's Journey provides a better understanding of the full impact of a brain injury and the process of adaptation. The exercises and activities are tools to help individuals as they rebuild their lives. This activity dovetails with the group therapy sessions which are conducted by a licensed counselor.

My Story

This is a time when clients gather once a week at the Activity Center to journal. Working in small groups our clients are learning that by creating new stories of their life, they can reconstruct or re-energize it. Studies show that healing change, and growth which comes from journaling can appear on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. These cannot be separated, so whatever affects one, affects them all.

Bible Study

It is an interdenominational study available to any resident who may be interested. Bible studies help residents stay connected spiritually to God and each other. (Offered periodically throughout the year.)

Reading Theatre

A volunteer reads a book or poetry to the residents. This event brings people from both facilities together and provides an opportunity for socialization after the reading. (Late Fall thru early Spring)

Art and Soul

It is the process of creativity which allows self-expression. This in turn helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and come to a place of better self-awareness.


This activity is open to all clients once a week at a local establishment. Some enjoy bowling while others may play pool, poker machines, cards and other games. This is a fun time of socialization with friends.

Free Movement

Free movement is an exercise program offered twice a week. Videos are used and designed to exercise in a chair or can be done on your feet, if balance is not an issue. The videos are fun and upbeat. Clients Salsa, Belly Dance, try their hand at Boxing, Gentle Tai Chi and Dance Around the World. Free Movement is a fun way to get clients moving and improving their flexibility and tone muscles.

3rd Friday’s Lunch Out

Taking place at a different restaurant in town on the 3Rd Friday of every month, 3rd Friday’s is a great way for residents to practice their social skills in "real time". Residents must sign up in advance and pay for lunch with their own money. This activity helps to sharpen skills such as planning, budgeting and decision making. This has been a very popular activity.

Men's Fun Friday

This activity provides a time for male clients to "get away" for a few hours on Friday afternoons.  They visit a local establishment for socializing, gambling and shooting pool.

Sunday Night At The Movies

This activity is offered every other Sunday Night. Clients have the opportunity to see the movie playing at the Star Theater our local movie theater. Here again residents must sign up in advance and pay with their own money. This helps them exercise some planning and budgeting skills.

Social Sundays

Twice a month all clients visit Liberty Place Farmstead for an afternoon of fun activities, socializing, and pizza. If you were to stop in you may find some clients playing cards, board games, shooting a game of pool, playing BINGO, listening to music, socializing and of course waiting for hot delicious pizza!

Green Team!

Green Team is a horticulture therapy program. Green Team participates in "Plant Detective" every week, a fun activity to help learn about plants and weeds. The residents are really enjoying the hands-on opportunity to play in the soil and interaction of deciding what to plant and grow. This program also fills the need for clients to take care of and nurture something. (Offered early Spring through Fall)


These dances are sponsored by Butte Sheltered Workshop and are held in Butte about once a month Fall thru Spring. Dances are a positive and fun way for clients to interact with people from both communities and to make friends.


For the summer months, Liberty Place purchases a pool pass for the local swimming pool. This includes time for various swimming activities including laps, free-swim and aerobics. During the winter months we occasionally visit the YMCA in Butte.

Group Therapy

Adjustment to life after brain injury is challenge that requires emotional support as the journey continues. Liberty Place works in coordination with Compass Professional Services for individual and group therapy sessions.


The summer brings of all kinds of fun activities! Picnics, Walks, Fairs, Festivals, Fishing, BBQ's, Trips to Yellowstone Nation Park and drives in the beautiful countryside of Montana!

AA Meetings

These are offered once a week at the Activity Center. Clients that struggle with addiction issues are encouraged to attend these meetings. At the meetings individuals are able to build positive relationships and encourage one another.

Therapeutic Offerings

Liberty Place, Inc. has arrangements with third party providers for specialty services as follows:

St. James Health Care Physical Therapy Clinic of Whitehall
St. James Health Care - Speech Therapy - Carissa Little, SLP
Neuro-Rehabilitation Associates of Bozeman - Occupational Therapies
Montana Vocational Rehabilitation / Blind and Low Vision Services-
Residents who are involved with individualized therapy programs are transported via Whitehall Public Transportation. A Habilitation Technician is trained along side residents by the therapists in order learn home programs. These programs become a part of the individual's program and service plan.