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Memory Books 

It is the policy of Liberty Place, Inc. to assist clients to regain or learn new skills necessary to successful living in the most independent and most integrated setting possible for the individual. The Memory Support Systems (MSS) are a tool which may help this process. Each client will be assessed for the need and type of MSS that best suits them and will receive assistance in implementing this tool for their daily life. The system is intended to be the working tool of and for the resident in order to assist them with remembering goals and tasks identified as areas in which they are working to gain independence, and for tracking their progress along the path of recovery.

Discussion Groups:

We have two groups that meet: Monday at 9:45 and Friday at 1:30. Our groups use a curriculum from the Touchstones Discussion Project. The purpose of the groups are to build upon the fundamental skills of listening attentively, speaking to the point, reasoning carefully, practicing leadership, improving comprehension, practicing collaborative problem solving, and working as a team. Each session includes carefully selected short readings and edited works of philosophy, literature, history, and art that address themes common to human experience. Clients work on individual worksheets, small group activities and large-group discussions.

'Moving On'

The ‘Moving On’ name comes from New York’s Sinai Hospital curriculum for TBI survivors looking to rebuild their lives. While some of our groups use this particular program, others may use aspects of 'Moving On' coupled with more client centered tasks and topics. There are currently four active groups. Each one is set up with the intention of meeting client-specific needs in moving forward and regaining skills. Goals include developing personalized memory support systems, comprehension skills, thought organization, goal setting and follow through, group projects, social skills, and sometimes basic conversation.

Music Ensembles

Ensemble groups take place on Thursdays. No musical experience is necessary. Aside from the basic enjoyment of playing, listening, and expressing oneself through music, clients have an opportunity to work collaboratively, with occasional performance possibilities, in an expressive format. Through song-writing, instrument-playing, rhythm, and listening exercises the music format addresses goals pertaining to sensorimotor, cognitive and speech and language skills.

'Sowing Seeds of Freedom' Farm Project (Early Spring-Late Fall)

"Growing  new life is hard work, but the harvest is worth it"

From the seed order and the plot planning in early spring, to the weeding and watering in the summer, and then to the final harvest in late fall, our clients participate in every aspect of the Farm Project under the guidance of our Farm Development Director. Dependent upon abilities and interest, the Director and clients work together to assign particular jobs and facilitate the specific interests of clients. Groups meet twice a week during the primary gardening season. The months-long harvesting of excellent produce is enjoyed primarily by the residents of Liberty Place and is reflected in the menus.

Art and Soul Groups

Friday morning clients have an opportunity to come and express themselves in this low-key and creative environment. The group experiments with different art mediums such as charcoal, pastels, paints, and clay, and is beginning the process of building individual portfolios and working on large group projects. Plans for art installations in the community and art openings for fundraising are in the works.


When possible, clients are encouraged to journal, which can be used to aid memory and processing, as well as to track personal growth. Journal entries may include a reflection on something that took place that day, an outpouring of whatever is on the mind,  progress on particular goals, or a response from the prompts  provided by the My Story journal workbook.

Weekly Shopping

Occurs every Friday. Life Skills Trainers and direct-care staff work with those clients who need more support in planning and shopping. This may include developing budgets, lists and opportunity to practice socialization skills.

Bible Study

Meets every Wednesday at 10:00. This group is facilitated by local pastoral volunteers. It is non-denominational and open to all interested clients.

Continued Activities

Bi-weekly Night out at the local movie theatre, Third Friday Lunch outings, monthly Sunday socials, and outings of interest. The Spring and Summer months provide more opportunities for outdoor trips such as fishing, swimming, auto racing, fairs, picnics, festivals, BBQ's, scenic drives and trips to the mountains when possible.


For the summer months, Liberty Place purchases a pool pass for the local swimming pool. This includes time for various swimming activities including laps, free-swim and aerobics. During the winter months we occasionally visit the YMCA in Butte.


The summer brings of all kinds of fun activities! Picnics, Walks, Fairs, Festivals, Fishing, BBQ's, and drives in the beautiful countryside of Montana!

AA Meetings

There are two meeting in town per week. Clients have the opportunity to attend a local group to work on any addictions issues. It is here they can build other positive relationships and encourage one another.

Therapeutic Offerings

Liberty Place, Inc. has arrangements with third party providers for specialty services as follows:

St. James Health Care Physical Therapy Clinic of Whitehall
 St. James Health Care - Speech Therapy
 Neuro-Rehabilitation Associates of Bozeman - OT, SLP, and Counseling
 Montana Vocational Rehabilitation / Blind and Low Vision Services

Music Therapy: Group and 1:1 services provided onsite by Liberty Place's Board Certified Music Therapist and Music Therapy Intern.

Residents who are involved with individualized therapy programs are transported via Whitehall Public Transportation. A Habilitation Technician is trained along side residents by the therapists in order learn home programs. These programs become a part of the individual's program and service plan.

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